IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) created its own curriculum which is tailored to the specific needs of the individual child. Every child is assessed prior to entry and a tailored Individualised Educational Plan (IEP) is then developed. 

We update this based on their progress and assessment at the end of every six months. Each child will attend an evaluation test every six months. Collaboration and cooperation between principal, therapist, teachers, and parents are important to ensure the effectiveness of the IEP for each child.

The main learning areas in the curriculum are:

●  Attending and listening skills
●  Imitation skills
●  Receptive language skills
●  Expressive language skills
●  Pre-academic skills
●  Academic skills
●  Self-help skills
●  Art education
●  Music and movement
●  Physical exercise
●  Social and play skills
●  School readiness

Prevocational programs for students aged 10 – 14 years old:

●  Self management skills
●  Domestic skills
●  Life and work skills
●  Pre-academic skills
●  Language skills
●  Math skills
●  Visual art skills
●  Behavior management skills
●  Sexuality education