IDEAS Autism Centre offers the following training sessions for teachers and parents:
Are you looking to start your own autism centre? Or do your teachers and caregivers need training?
IAC is here to help!


We will guide you through the critical steps throughout your planning process and offer helpful insights you may find useful.

We also provide tailor-made training programmes that can assist you in establishing and developing your custom centre.

The content of this special training is as follows:

– Introduction to Operation Procedures
– Introduction to Autism
– Curriculum for Autistic Child
– Assessment and Evaluation
– Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
– Behavior Plan
– Lesson Plan
– Play Therapy
– Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
– Timetable; Teaching Material; Students Worksheet

Registered Behavior Technicians

Teachers learn the history of autism related research and the basic concept of reinforcement as well as techniques of teaching children with special needs.

Behaviour Modification in Psychology

Parents learn how to change their child’s behaviour from a psychological viewpoint.

Behavior management (Permata Kurnia)

Parents learn how to change their child’s behaviour.

Introduction to Child Protection Act

Teachers learn the basic care and protection needs for children. 

Psychology Effect on Computer Games among autistic children.

This training session is about how computer games and technology can give a psychological effect to autistic child.

Helping Process in Counselling

In the process of helping others, there are certain acts needed to be abided within the counselling profession. Participants were taught about the legal process, technical techniques and making the value.

Emotional Management

Teachers and parents learn how to deal with their emotions and learn techniques to reduce their stress level when handling children with special needs.

Understanding Students With Special Educational Needs

The substance of teaching techniques and therapy treatments for children with special needs.

Children Growth, Development and Care

Teachers learn about phases of human developmental age starting from toddler to adulthood.

Children Safety at TASKA and their nutritional diet schedules for Children at Childcare Centre.

A public forum on basic guidelines for nurseries and child care centres, including nutritious diet and safety procedures.

Care and Education for Children with Learning Disabilities

A training session on good care and education services for children with learning disabilities.

Students Leaders Disability Equality Training

A public forum on how to handle people with disabilities and services available for people with disabilities.

Please contact Mrs. Sharifah Salleh at to find out more about the process of opening an autism centre, application procedures, licensing guide, and the training modules we provide.